Taikoo Hui Long

Taikoo Hui Long
Guangzhou, China
January 26 – 25 February 2024
35 x 35 x 10 m

As the Dragon Year’s Lunar New Year approaches, Penique productions and Inception transform Taikoo Hui’s giant glass box with a red balloon, making our first Asia art space exhibition. A circle inflatable occupies completely the glass box. It creates a red sculpture from the outside, with a patio, which you access through the escalators and go into the inflatable. From the inside, an immersive installation delivers the aesthetic experience and shapes the dragon. Because of the wall and celling’s transparency, the experience is highly affected by the daylight’s changing color and its movements. The different sun positions create an assorted amount of shadow plays with the architectural structure alongside the outside nature. During the night, the line lights installed in the building structure light the place and shape, in contrast, the organic folds of plastic. From the street, a red box bulb is presented.

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