Carrer de Sant Sebastià, 44

Carrer de Sant Sebastià, 44
Moià, Spain
10 July 2021
7 x 4,5 x 9 m

Penique was invited to be part of Ex Abrupto Contemporary Art Festival 2021, one day festival in Moià, an historical little town in the middle of Catalonia.
On this occasion, taking advantage of the opportunity to work in a context of historical relevance, Penique productions delivered the many times desired inflatable in the street, contained by the facades of the street that design it. A pink balloon that blocks the main street where most of the festival artworks are concentrated. An installation that functions as a gateway to a new reality created by the curatorial proposal of the tireless team of the Ex Abrupto Festival.
It was a pleasure to participate in this small great festival, organized by people who, together with the associative network of the town, dare to formulate ambitious contemporary art proposals seeking to develop autonomous spaces for art in a collaborative work way.

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