Maison Martin Margiela Paris Fashion Week ’12

Maison Martin Margiela Paris Fashion Week’12
Paris, France
29 September 2012
45 x 13 x 10 m

For Paris Fashion Week 2012, Maison Martin Margiela commissioned Penique productions as scenographers in the presentation of their Spring-Summer collection.
Collaboration focused on achieving a common ground representing both parties creative aesthetic – and relating to the collection in question.
The venue was a series of rooms in the impressive neoclassical palace, Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, built 1872-78.
A white inflatable covered the rich décor, retaining only the Baroque chandeliers piercing through from above. This resulted in a clean, modern, minimalist feel that focused the eye on the catwalk, models and most importantly, the collection.

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