Puxika arrosa

Puxika arrosa
Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao, Spain
8 – 10 October 2021
40 x 24 x 3 m.

The Bilbao City Council organizes the Gau Zuria, an event in which some streets, squares and different emblematic buildings of the biscayan capital host artistic installations. In this context, during the weekend of October 8-10, Penique productions presents Puxika arrosa, a pink inflatable installation located at the base of one of the three regular blocks that make up Philippe Starck’s architectural proposal (2010) for the remodeled Alhóndiga (1905), now a days, Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao Society and Contemporary Culture Centre. The solid brick blocks, supported by the emblematic columns designed by the set designer Lorenzo Baraldi, generate a transit and meeting space materialized in the luminous benches place, where Penique installs the work, which illuminate the pop pink of the balloon with warm light. 
The welcoming atmosphere generated by the installation draws the attention of visitors who come to the building, activating the work by interacting with it. A work that seems to accommodate, with an inflatable pillow, the heavy quadrangle referring to the proportions of the remodeling proposal presented by the basque artist Jorge Oteiza (1988).

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