Deposito Vittoria

Deposito Vittoria
Rome, Italy
December 7th 2021 May 1st 2022
10 x 25 x 7 m.

Commissioned by the people who organized the memorable Outdoor Festival in Rome, with our participation in its 2015 edition, Penique productions delivered a custom-made installation for a part of the old bus depot known as Deposito Vittoria. In the context of the Balloon Museum proposal, where what unites all the chosen works is their inflatable nature, the public comes across an imposing blue balloon that can be accessed. In the middle of this new space occupied by the inflatable, a car full of lights, like a lost object, tries to illuminate the room. With the daylight that enters through the huge window, the inflatable looks as an electric blue covered space; at night, the light from the car guides the presence of the audience in a dark navy blue, like a submarine in the depths.

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