About us


Penique productions was established in Barcelona, 2007, as a project focusing on the ephemeral installation.

Since 2008, Penique has also operated from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Each project begins by identifying a unique location to construct a customised piece – the inflatable.

The “balloon”, made from a lightweight plastic, grows and expands as the air becomes the supporting structure and forces the inflatable to grow, consuming all in its path.

Conquered by the inflatable, the space is transformed by a new light, a new texture and a new monochrome colour. The viewer is transported via sensory experience to a setting simultaneously familiar yet new.

Having lost its original function the site is given a new identity. The balloon acts as a barrier from multiple realities – framing and creating a new space – as a container, it blurs the concept of the art object.

Penique offers an experience to the viewer. Through this clear and direct perceptual message, we aim to reach out to all people.

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