Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
31 August – 6 September 2018
28 x 19 x 5 m

Penique productions, with Adriana Sansão, architect and resident lecturer at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), proposed Inflável na Biblioteca da FAU as a workshop for the students from the Architecture and Urbanism course.
The exhibition involved fifty of one hundred and eighty students applicants for the workshop, each selected based on the strength and relevance of their work and theories.
Two distinctive pillars and a curved mezzanine limited and defined the inflatable, retaining the space’s identity – the college library. Other elements of the building also contributed to the installation, in a non-structural way, such as the large glass wall allowing a constant stream on changing light to pass through.
Combining the fantastic passion of all the participants, with the award-winning building by Jorge Machado Moreira, 1961, the exhibition if only momentarily, was symbolic of a local struggle with the relocation of UFRJ’s library – and generally the much needed reform and funding in the Brazilian educational system.

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