El Claustro

El Claustro
Querétaro, México
November 2011
10 x 10 x 11 m

Penique travelled to Querétaro, México as guests of CutOut Fest – a nonprofit international animation and digital art festival. The festival brings together an inspiring array of creative workshops, art exhibitions, independent film premieres, lectures and much more.
Penique installed an inflatable in the cloister adjacent to the former convent of San José de Gracia. Dating from the late 17th century, the cloister is now part of the Museo de la Ciudad, Querétaro.
Changing light throughout the day repeatedly transformed the piece. In strong sunlight, the spandrels and entablature of the rhythmic cloister turned a bright sky blue, framing the darker tones of each recessed niche.
This subtle contrast gave character to the inflatable – an otherwise monochrome installation was essentially given life and meaning by its physical limits.

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