BALLON JAUNE. Le contenant et le contenu

BALLON JAUNE. Le contenant et le contenu
Lille, France
8 April – 14 November 2021
18 x 11 x 4,5 m

Commissioned by Lille 3000, Penique productions delivered a yellow inflatable that occupies completely the welcoming room of the Le Tripostal first floor building in the Colours, etc. exhibition.
An installation made in relation with the building and the shopping carts. This time, the artwork goes directly to the dialectic between the container and the content, object and context. The space became the object, and the objects in it became the space in some kind of landscape unified by the same plastic texture yellow skin. The shopping carts are containers, the museum room too and we like to think that the inflatable mediates the relation with the audience, as a subject, in it.

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