Saint-Étienne, France
9 – 14 November 2021
10 x 10 x 10 m.

Invited to collaborate by the musician and visual artist Marc Vilanova, Penique productions presents the Coreto artwork in the second edition of Pléiades Festival des Arts Numériques in Saint-Étienne. Coreto is kiosque à musique, a place made as stage where the musicians use to play for the city. A pink inflatable contained by the simple architecture that forms and delimits the bandstand, acts as sculpture and installation, as stage for the play of sounds and lights. From the outside, the sculptural complex changes color, attracting the attention of passersby who circulate through the central Jean Jaurès square. Inside, a dialog between light, color and sound surrounds the audience on a immersive journey of about 25 minutes. The sonic composition is based on several recordings from the city and a live processed microphone that takes the sound from outside in real-time. As Vilanova sais: “With Coreto we aim to create a listening experience where the city plays for the building, and the audience is invited to slow down, listen and experience the urban soundscape in a completely different way.”

The following pictures are made by Anna Benet

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