Beirut, Libanon
19 – 22 September 2013
10 x 10 x 10 m

Invited to the fourth edition of the Beirut Art Fair (BAF), Penique were proud to be one of only a few European artists exhibiting. Comprising of forty galleries from fifteen countries, predominantly the Middle East and South East Asia, the fair caters to a wide variety of artistic tastes.
Standing ten-meters high, a saturated pink inflatable cube, manipulated by cabling, occupied the central point of the fair.
Inside, the inflatable served as a bar & seating area for artists, gallerists and visitors to converge – a calming, monochrome refuge from the kaleidoscope of art on view elsewhere.
Visitors could bathe in the pink light and enjoy the irregular geometric pattern carved into the inflatable. The experimental cabling turned the interior into a honeycomb – like cage – strong lines contrasting the organic shapes of each recess.

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