George Town, Cayman Islands
25 – 30 January 2022
20 x 22 x 12 m.

Invited by Something Curated, Penique productions was at Palm Heights artistic residency, in Grand Cayman, creating and producing one of their most complex works. The team, which worked with one of the structures that remained from an iconic hotel on the island, after Hurricane Ivan in 2004, presents BOUNCE. The artwork is made up of three ring-shaped yellow inflatables that completely occupy the three floors of the building.
Outside, a sculpture that stresses the moving flexibility of the plastic with the rigidity of the concrete. A yellow balloon contrasts with the exuberant green of caribbean vegetation and blue sky.
Inside, the rings create two spaces on each floor: inside the inflatable, a diversity of yellow tons of sun and shade is drawn on the concave walls; in the courtyard formed by the inflatable ring that surrounds it, the convex bellies smoothly embrace the entire picture.
On the three floors, joined by the side staircase, the same situation with their respective differences.
An habitable sculpture, an installation that invites to play, an experience that reactivates the place. Another place that preserves its memory and that, aware of its condition, proposes a moment of beauty.

A flower.

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