Ciudad de México, México
15 – 16 August 2017
VERDE 3 x 10 x 10 m; ROSA 3 x 3 x 43 m

Invited to exhibit at TAG CDMX Festival, a celebration of creative thinking and technology in vibrant Mexico City, Penique offered two inflatables. The first was a green inflatable in the Sala CCB, the stage for many of the festivals performances.
The second inflatable, the main attraction from Penique productions and the entrance to the festival, was a forty meter long pink tunnel. Acting as a sensory “red carpet”, the tunnel was a creative welcome, stimulating imagination upon arrival at the festival through a kaleidoscope of light, colour and texture.
Finally, Penique delivered a lecture and Q&A detailing their 10-year touring career to-date and introduced the newest member of the collective, Enrique Barro.

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