São Paulo, Brasil, Belo Horizonte, Brasil & Barcelona, Spain
April – May 2012
SP: 7,5 x 6,6 x 3,3 m; BH: 10 x 2,2 x 10 m; BCN: 2,7 x 2,2 x 4,4 m

Participating in the multidisciplinary, international art festival NOVA, Penique offered a series of simultaneous satellite exhibitions.
Three cities – three spaces – three installations.
One colour – one material – one project.
The Museum of Image and Sound (MIS), São Paulo, Brazil; Cento e Quatro, a cultural center in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; and the Mitte Gallery, Barcelona.
The main challenge was relating the three sites to one another. To achieve this Penique targeted similar spaces, highlighting their sculptural elements and accentuating the invasive nature of the inflatable.

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