Cerveira Creative Camp

Cerveira Creative Camp
Vilanova de Cerveira, Portugal
July 2012
13,2m x 9,5m x 7,7m

In collaboration with Canal180, organisers of the inaugural edition, Penique exhibited at Cerveira Creative Camp, Vilanova de Cerveira, Portugal.
Canal180 are Portugal’s first television channel dedicated solely to the arts, culture and creativity. Bringing together both domestic and international artists, the event generated a unique, creative environment of art, design and media.
Artists gave seminars and workshops explaining their practice, with many also exhibiting. The first Penique-related artwork at Cerveira Creative Camp was a result of the workshop offered.
Attendees were shown the Penique method of creating an inflatable, from the ground up, and then challenged to create their own inflatable somewhere in the town.
The product was a yellow inflatable enclosing a tree within park benches – an exciting mini-project for all involved.
The main installation was in the Forum Cultural de Cerveira, a key venue for many of the camp’s talks and performances. Transforming the space, the inflatable used the curved, ribbed ceiling to echo a central lighting feature– harmonizing and illuminating the room in a radiant yellow.

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