El Sótano de la Tabacalera

El Sótano de la Tabacalera
Madrid, Spain
11- 16 January 2011
13 x 15 x 7 m

Penique productions were invited to participate in an artist-in-residence program run by CSA La Tabacalera Madrid. The venue was a basement room of the old tobacco factory, constituting vaulted ceilings, arched corridors, no windows and only one entrance/exit.
A rich, heavy purple enveloped the walls, mapping the ribboning ceiling and creating pockets within blind niches and doorways for the inflatable to invade.
The irregular ceiling led to high tension in the inflatable, causing contortions and creating further architectural mirages.
These recesses were highlighted with fluorescent lighting giving the illusion of space and filling the inflatable with a radiant light that accentuated the aggressive curvature of the basement.

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