Barcelona, Spain
14 – 18 November 2016
Girona, Spain
13 – 17 November 2017
Multiple installations, various sizes

Penique productions were invited to participate in Silencis – at the primary schools La Llacuna, Barcelona in 2016 and El Bosc de la Pabordia, Girona in 2017.
Silencis is an educational program that develops new and alternative ways of conceptual thinking specifically aimed at nursery & primary school children aged 3-12 years.
The project ran for one week consisting of city tours and excursions, six exhibitions, three performances and four masterclasses from fifteen professional artists. Each artist produced an artwork to help facilitate this new vision for educating and nurturing creativity in young minds.
Penique productions spoke about and demonstrated to the students how the inflatable could change their perception of everyday space. By transforming the familiar space of two classrooms with colored inflatables, Penique gave the students a visible aid with which to understand.
The first edition took place at La Llacuna school, in Barcelona, and the second one at El Bosc de la Pabordia school, in Girona.

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