Barcelona, Spain
14 - 18 November 2016
Girona, Spain
13 - 17 November 2017
Different installations, different sizes.

Penique productions was invited to participate in 2016 and, again, in 2017 in the Silencis educational project that brings contemporary art to the primary school.

Silencis was a one-week project with 6 exhibitions, 3 shows, 4 masterclasses, outings and happenings in the city led by 15 professionals and artists. A project designed by Dadà Barcelona which aims to offer children new experiences concerning silence. The project is part of a series of workshops for schools which hopes to provide children with another way of looking; it's another small step towards a new way of educating, a tool for development.

The first edition took place at La Llacuna school, in Barcelona, and the second one at El Bosc de la Pabordia school, in Girona.