Espaço Tempo Movimento em Processo: MOV 1
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
August 5th of 2017
3 x 3 x 5 m

Presented in the Circuito Interno of the Fábrica Bhering, Cia Gelmini and Penique productions create in partnership the proposal Espaço Tempo Movimento em Processo: MOV 1 where space, image and dance are related. In a showcase format, the public attends a hybrid image between reality and illusion performed by the movement dancing in space.

Gustavo Gelmini and Sergi Arbusà set up a visual installation that is based on their processes and languages; Articulation promoted by the platform Encaixe - who has the space as object of work and promotes actions of articulation and collaboration in order to spread and make feasible initiatives.